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Community Spotlight: Jessica Moats, President of 88-CRIME

by thisismarana

We are excited to shine the spotlight today on Jessica Moats, recently elected President of 88-CRIME and Marana resident. Jessica has been an integral part of 88-CRIME as a board member for over a decade and she is a dedicated Senior Loan Officer in the community.

During our interview with Jessica, we asked how she became involved with 88-Crime. Jessica shared she became engaged with 88-CRIME when she assisted a former governance chair with a home loan. Following the successful transaction, the governance chair extended an invitation for her to join the board of directors. Eleven years later, Jessica is still proudly serving on the board.

Jessica explained she has remained a board member because it allows her to give back to the community that has been so generous in choosing her as their loan officer. Additionally, Jessica advised it is a deep-rooted passion of hers to help keep the community safe due to her upbringing in a high-crime area where she witnessed a significant amount of drug related issues and violence. Jessica advised she always knew that as she grew older, she wanted to be a catalyst for positive change.

After serving nine years as the publicity chair, Jessica was elected President of 88-CRIME in 2023. Jessica advised as President, her primary goal is to strengthen the bridge between law enforcement and the community. Jessica explained she is committed to fostering an environment of trust and cooperation, where community members feel safe and empowered to report criminal activities.

Jessica shared her favorite part about the program is witnessing the positive impact it has had on local neighborhoods. Jessica explained she takes immense pride in knowing that through 88-CRIME’s collective efforts, the organization is making the community a safer place for families.

Here at This Is Marana, we’d like to thank Jessica for her dedication and leadership in the 88-CRIME organization. Her passion for giving back and creating positive change is inspirational. Under her guidance as President, we are confident that 88-CRIME will continue to make great strides in building partnerships between law enforcement and the community.

Learn more at 88crime.org

*If you are interested in speaking to Jessica regarding mortgage loans, you can learn more here http://www.moatsmortgage.com/

-This Is Marana Collaborative

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